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Louisiana Pain Management Compounding

While everyone experiences some sort of pain in their lives, no one experiences it in the same way. For some, it comes in the form of a workplace accident or sports injury; for others it’s the chronic pain brought on by arthritis, migraines and countless other conditions.

Compounding offers pain relief that’s tailored to your life.

Benefits of Pain Management Compounding

Commonly prescribed medications that come in pill form are metabolized by the body, losing much of their effectiveness before they ever reach the site of the pain. Many patients also experience stomach irritation and other unwanted symptoms as a consequence of taking these oral pain medications. Through customized compounding, our pharmacy can create topical pain creams, gels or sprays containing a more concentrated dose that is absorbed through the skin. The result? Effective pain management with fewer side effects.

It means chronic pain won’t stop you from enjoying life.

Contact us today to learn more about customized pain management medications, such as transdermal pain creams, topical gels and other compounded medications for chronic pain.

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