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Wound Care Compounding

For those with severe or chronic wounds, the treatment process can be demanding. Age, weight, mobility and nutrition all play important roles in determining the proper wound care method. In many cases, healthcare professionals may prescribe a topical application for the wound. But wounds can be finicky — patients who don’t respond quickly to the first course of treatment may have to switch needlessly from one medication to the next. In the case of wounds that threaten life and limb (such as burns or diabetic leg ulcers), that’s time patients simply don’t have.

Wound care compounding offers the fast, specialized healing process these patients desperately need.

Compound Results in Better Wound Healing

Upon prescription order, Gem Drugs compounding pharmacists can customize wound care medications based on a patient’s specific needs. We’ll prepare the appropriate base (cream, ointment, gel, spray, POLYOX™ bandage) to contain the precise combination of active ingredients. By adjusting the dose and delivery method to treat the specific type of wound, compounding may promote faster wound healing with fewer complications.

Our pharmacists work closely with prescribers and patients to develop tailored wound care treatments that:

  • Stimulate new tissue growth
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Discourage bacterial infection

We ship throughout the South, as well as to local communities in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas. Ask your prescriber if you could benefit from prescription wound care compounding, or call us today to learn more about available wound care options.

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